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UHF Doppelkanal Kabellos Lavalier Mikrofon DSLR Kamera FunkMikrofon Set wireless Ansteckmikrofon für Interviews ENG EFP DV DSLR videokamera mit 3,5 mm Klinkenstecker

4.7 114 Bewertungen KF10.002
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88,99€ 99,99€ 11% OFF
Nach Deutschland Expressversand 3-5 Werktage
  • Hersteller K&F Concept
  • Kaufen K&F Concept uhf doppelkanal kabellos lavalier mikrofon dslr kamera funkmikrofon set wireless ansteckmikrofon für interviews eng efp dv dslr videokamera mit 3,5 mm klinkenstecker online, kostenloser versand mit 30 tagen rückgaberecht.
  • KF10.002
  • Artikelnr. KF10.002
  • 88.99
  • • Ideal für Interviews, ENG/EFP, DSLR Video und andere professionelle Anwendungen. Betriebsbereich bis zu 70m oder bis zu 100m in offenen Gegenden(ohne Hindernis).
  • • Der Sender und Empfänger können jeweils mit zwei AA-Batterien (nicht enthalten) bis 15 zu 20 Stunden betrieben.
  • • Der Sender und Empfänger mit Anzeige wiegen jeweils nur 85g, leicht und einfach zu bedienen und bieten ultimative Flexibilität, ohne dabei hochwertiges Audio zu opfern.
  • • UHF Doppelkanal kabelloses Mikrofon-System,6 Auswählbare Kanäle. Ein Sender kann mit mehreren Empfängern im Wirkungsbereich gleichzeitig arbeiten.
  • • Mit WNCR Lärmschutztechnik für geringes Rauschen und hochwertiger klarer Ton.
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Drahtloses Foto- und Aufnahmemikrofon
3.44” (8.74cm)
Arbeitsabstand bis zu 70M ohne Barriere, Licht und protable
Verwendet in mehreren Gelegenheiten wie Film- und Fernsehschießen, Nachrichtensammeln und Rocording, etc. Leicht, bequem für tragen und Gebrauch. Funktioniert mit Camcordern, DSLR-Kameras und ist einfach und schnell montiert.
Gitter-LCD-Display, hohe Auflösung Zeigen Sie das Datum deutlicher an.
Eingebauter Knopf
Vermeiden Sie unvorsichtige Berührung, verhindern Sie falsche Operation.
Super Ausdauer
Batterielebensdauer: 15-20 Stunden für neue Batterie. (Batterie nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
WNCR Noise Control Technology Merkmale extrem geräuscharm
Arbeitsabstand 70m
Der drahtlose Arbeitsabstand kann bis zu 70 Meter erreichen und eignet sich für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen im Innen- und Außenbereich.
Verbindung Anti-Interferenz
Verwenden Sie UHF-Frequenzband, DPLL digitale Frequenzsteuerung Technologie wird angenommen.
M-8T Sender
M-8R Empfänger
Boot-Typ Connector
MIC Socket
Wird zur Eingabe des MIC- oder AUX-Signals verwendet
Bewertungen (114)
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For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended.
As my old wireless lavalier system broke down, I order this K&F M8 system without know very well if his quality is good, as it is cheap. I have a very good surprise, the build is good, the packaging is beautiful but the most important to me is there, the noise level is really very low, almost no hiss and it works very well under a 50 meters distance. Also, during the tests I had no kind of interference in the signal, ever if I use my mobile phone close to it.The box come with the transmitter unit and the receiver unit, also with a lavalier microphone with enough cable length to be used by an actor. Also came with a cable link to connect the receiver to the camera, a hot shoe adapter for camera, a direct microphone without cable that can be attached directly to the transmitter and instructions manual.First I tested it with lavalier in a short interview, it works great. Also tested it with a professional NTG-2 R0DE shotgun microphone and also worked great. Another test I made is connect the R0DE microphone to a DSLR audio adapter, and then connect the output of audio adapter to the M8 transmitter “AUX” input. At also works great, one can use XLR professional microphones and then transmit the audio to the camera via the K&F M8 system, without any kind of noise or interference.Both receive and transmitter unit have a channel selector where you can choose between 6 different channels. Receiver also have a “MIC/AUX” selector, here you can select to use a direct microphone or a DSLR/Camera audio mixer/adapter. Receiver unit have a two buttons to change the audio lever to camera input.Both receiver and transmitter unit works with two AA cells, not included, due amazon delivery restrictions. I use AA rechargeable cells that lasts for two days of normal work.The LCD of both units displays the battery level, channel and volume level in receiver unit.Both receiver and transmitter unit came with a clip to use in the belt.I tested this K&F M8 with Leica SL camera, R0DE NTG-2, also with a R0DE lavalier and with a R0DE M2 professional Condenser Microphone. Also tested using a Marantz PMD-602A 2-channel DSLR Audio Interface.For a cheap system works really very well, comparable to other pro sets that costs more than 500 USD. Highly recommended.
For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended. For a cheap system works really very well. Highly recommended.
Awesome purchase
This is such a great item. I wanted this wireless mic for a while now but couldn’t really afford it and instead spent on some cheap versions. Lucky day for me, I managed to sell some old camera accessories and made the money to buy this which is absolutely amazing. The sound is perfect and the volume is easy to setup. You need few batteries to get started but apart from that is quite straight forward. Brilliant item.
Awesome purchase Awesome purchase Awesome purchase
Very profesional.
The product itself is well made from quality components that fit together solidly and it all comes in a well designed box. Every piece is in its own sponge section. I bought it for video interviews and the sound quality is more than adequate for the task. I'd say a bit of a bargain.
Very profesional. Very profesional.
Fantastic Value For Money
I am always looking for cost effective ways to build up my gear collection and when I found this mic I couldn’t resist, I normally use a Rode VideoMicro but it does have its limitations. The M8 is constructed of plastic and as a result is very light but it does still feel nice and solid. It’s really easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes out of the box with the addition of 4xAA batteries which are not included. The volume and channel controls can be found beneath the battery door which is a nice feature as it prevents the buttons from being pressed accidentally. The audio quality has been absolutely brilliant so far and I really cannot fault it for the price.
Fantastic Value For Money
UPDATE!! for what I need does a good job, indoor filming at the moment
 UPDATE:Have this item for 7 months already and its just great! Batteries last for months, i take the mic with me everywhere i go because of my work, started to use the channels recently to avoid any interference. Just wrote this update to let all of you know that the mic works great after months of use. Use this 3-4 times a week.Helo everyone. I bought a lot of photography gear and I have 2 clients, 2 girls who have an online channel, they do make up and I film their show, I have 8 lights, tripods, camera and so on. The thing is that the audio was really bad because i was recording just with my camera and I needed a good microphone. Took a while to find what I need and I bought this item for several reasons. Well, read a good review from someone who is audio specialist, another reason is that I already have 4 K&F products and they are very good, I trust this company. I made a video review, the audio quality is not so good because the files are comperessed but the original is good, i am not an expert in audio but personally i am really satisfied with the results. I filmed since I got the item around 4 hours and it totally makes the difference. Why I bought this lavalier microphone instead of a regular one? Well, I am planning to film some interviews for some hotels and I really need this type of product. As i am working withe these girls, i have placed the actual mic under the blouse just to hide it and the quality is good. I didnt try super high end products in this niche but for what I need its very good. I have tried it like 20-30 m away and its ok, this is the maximum distance i will need it for, for my interviews. Light and easy to use, I know that i need to have with me spare batteries which I am carrying all the time, read that they last for a long time. You got in the pack a spare small microphone with jack at the end. The cable for the micrphone is long enough, clip is made from metal not plastic which on a long term pretty sure it will last. I will pay attention to the antena of the actual mic because if its going to be under the clothes(attached to the belt because this is where actually goes). I have tried different volume intensity, in my case found that 7 is good enough. My suggestion is to place the microphone around the chest area, next to the neck the volume was a bit too high(red indicators on my camera). Pretty sure you can set it up as you prefer. For what I need to film, it took me 15 mins of tests to get the sound i was looking for so happy with this.You know, when you trust a brand you go for it. In my case its like this. K&F very good! The box is small and light, has this protective sponge(think its called like this) and I use it to carry them from location to location. I just put the box in the small pocket of my backpack and its all good. Hope this is helpful for you guys.Check the video I have uploded.If my review helped you in any way, could you please click on the ‘helpful’ button below? Thank you
UPDATE!! for what I need does a good job, indoor filming at the moment

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