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1080P HiFi-Stereolautsprecher auf demselben Bildschirmprojektor

4.8 310 Bewertungen GW49.0004EU
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104,99€ 140,99€ 25% OFF inkl. MwSt
&kostenloser versand Deutschland
  • Hersteller K&F Concept
  • Kaufen K&F Concept 1080p hifi-stereolautsprecher auf demselben bildschirmprojektor online, kostenloser versand mit 30 tagen rückgaberecht.
  • GW49.0004EU
  • Artikelnr. GW49.0004EU
  • 104.99
  • • Klare und helle Bilder, 2200 Lumen, Kontrastverhältnis 2000: 1, höhere Helligkeit, + 70% Helligkeit liefern hellere Farbbilder als normale Projektoren. Die reale Auflösung von 720p unterstützt 1080p, die beste Projektorgröße: 50 "-120", das Seitenverhältnis beträgt 16: 9/4: 3. HiFi-Stereolautsprecher und integrierte SRS-Soundeffekte mit zwei Stereoanlagen sorgen dafür, dass Sie beim Ansehen von Filmen und Spielen schockiert sind.
  • • Projektionsentfernung 1m-3m, Bildzoom (-25%), keine Änderung der Projektionsentfernung erforderlich.
  • • HD, USB1, USB2, VGA, Drei-in-Eins-AV, 3,5-mm-Audioausgang und verschiedene Multimedia-Verbindungsschnittstellen erleichtern die Verbindung.
  • • Klein, leicht zu tragen, kann um 360 Grad gedreht werden, unterstützt Frontprojektion, Rückprojektion, Deckenprojektion, Deckenrückprojektion
  • • ± 20 Trapezkorrektur, sodass sich der Bildschirm in derselben Ebene befindet. Der Fokusring kann manuell eingestellt werden, um ein klares Bild zu erhalten.

Modell- C10
Technologie LCD-Bildschirm + LED-Licht
Auflösung 720p, unterstützt 1080p
Helligkeit 2200 Lumen
Kontrast 2000
Fokus Manueller Fokus
Lichtquelle LED-Leuchten, 50000 Stunden
Schnittstelle HDMI * 1, USB * 2, VGA * 1, Drei-in-Eins-AV * 1, 3,5-mm-Audioausgang * 1
Projektionsverhältnis 16
Flip-Funktion 360 Grad Flip
Projektionsgröße Optimale Projektorgröße: 50 "-120"
Projektionsabstand 1m - 3m
Projektionsmethode Frontprojektion, Rückprojektion, Deckenprojektion, Deckenrückprojektion
Eingebauter Lautsprecher Ja
Trapezkorrektur ± 20 °
Menüsprache Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Russisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Vietnamesisch, Chinesisch usw.
Stromspannung Wechselstrom 90-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Produktgröße 21,2 * 17,2 * 8 cm
PacklisteProjektor * 1, Netzkabel * 1, AV-Kabel * 1, Stützstange * 1, Fernbedienung * 1, Handbuch * 1
Produktgewicht 1200 g
Bewertungen (310)
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Bright enough to watch with the lights on
The Projector is bright enough to watch with the lights on. The audio is also miles above a typical projector with built in speakers.I bought this for watching movies in the living room with the kids for special occasions. We currently have just a small white blanket hung to watch tonight, but that is just the start. I plan to get a bigger portable screen that will provide a much better experience. Testing it I was able to get an really large projection, and the picture still looked great. I did notice, when the picture got bigger the picture brightness also wasn't quite as bright, but I guess that makes complete sense.The projection is bright and clear, the 1080 HD projection looks just like what you would expect from a 1080 HD projection. I was able to watch this with all the living room lights still on and still not have an issue watching it. I turned it on briefly during the day as well in a well lit room, and while it will project and you can see it, I would say it would be difficult to watch an entire movie on it without some straining.The audio output is loud enough that I had to turn it down right away. It is plenty of volume to drown out the fan noise of the projector. I was impressed with the stereo sound coming from the built in speakers. There was not a lot of low end, so if you like to feel your movies as much as you hear them you will want to plug in some external speakers with some rich low end, but if that is not you, you will be happy with the audio that is put out from this projector.The projector comes with 2 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs, VGA, and a memory card slot. Since this will be mainly for projecting from a computer I am not interested in the USB or memory inputs, but they are nice if that is of interest to you.At first I couldn't find any way to mount the projector from the ceiling, as I didn't see any mounting holes underneath. I was a bit disappointed because that is what I wanted to do with this projector ultimately. After a little bit of digging and checking I found that the mounting screw holes doubled as the holes that the feet were screwed in. Simply removing the feed and the projector is ready to mount, which I will be doing soon hopefully.The projector has a small stand that is part of the front of the projector. That stand is adjustable and will allow for tilting it up to project where you are trying to aim it. This coupled with the manual keystone correction helped it show a square picture where I wanted it without having to put it up on books or boxes.
Bright enough to watch with the lights on
Great Projector, Affordable and clear picture
Screen size is great for a big wall. The picture quality is vivid and clear. The sound is loud and has great quality. Remote is small but efficient. I switched to this projector because it has a bigger screen size than my old one. First day using it and I love it. Great purchase. I was able to connect my roku stick to it and now i am watching tv shows.
Great Projector, Affordable and clear picture
Buy it!
Picture quality is 100%. My “screen” is my wall. We added speakers for a surround sound but it actually gets pretty loud on its own. I admit I was surprised at the sound quality. Completely impressed at the picture quality. It doesn’t have Bluetooth but my firestick did so we hooked the speakers to the firestick. No issues.
Buy it!
Great Projector!
We have a wonderful flat space on the back of our deck and of course during all the Quarantine, thought be fun to put up a projector. Really wasn't looking to spend a ton of money and after reading reviews, bought this one. So far so good. The picture quality is really great and set up is fairly easy. We have enjoyed it so much considering getting a even better screen and doing some surround sound/outdoor outlets so we don't have to have this long cord connected to the power. Also, there is a little kickstand with it which is great bonus!!!
Great Projector!
Great little projector, at a great price.
Amazing projector especially for this low price. Picture is bright and clear, gets only slightly less clear when made larger. Great sound from the speakers, remote works, quiet operation. Plenty of inputs, I'll never use them all but looks like you could connect to any computer or gaming system. Very satisfied with this purchase
Great little projector, at a great price.
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