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K&F LTE 4G Cellular Trail-Kameras 30MP 4k Live-Video-Funkkamera (AU-Stecker)

4.9 456 Bewertungen GW01.0215
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144,99€ 249,99€ 42% OFF
&kostenloser versand Deutschland
  • Hersteller K&F Concept
  • Kaufen K&F Concept k&f lte 4g cellular trail-kameras 30mp 4k live-video-funkkamera (au-stecker) online, kostenloser versand mit 30 tagen rückgaberecht.
  • GW01.0215
  • Artikelnr. GW01.0215
  • 144.99
  • • 4K / 30 images Full HD video resolution - The wildlife camera records Full HD 4K videos and crystal clear 30MP images with clear sound recording and offers more high quality and exciting visual details (black and white at night) during the day.
  • • Advance 4G LTE Cellular Tracking Camera - The Wildlife Camera combines the quality and reliability of the advanced 4G network with its transmission technology. The cellular function makes it possible to send the captured photos and videos via data transfer to your mobile APP immediately. No matter how far away you are, you can also use the "live video" function in the app and you can also hear a living world of the animal world.
  • • Extended night vision - This tracking camera with fully automatic IR filter and 44 LED 940 infrared flash light with a high dynamic range and high frame rate produces clear night vision in complete darkness. Trigger distance and IR flash range up to 25 m (75 FT).
  • • The dynamic wide-angle lens with 120 ° PIR angle and the fast 0.2-second shutter release allow you to take 1 to 9 photos / videos per shutter release.
  • • P66 wasserdicht – perfekt für Jagd, Wildbeobachtung usw

Pixel30 MP / 24 MP / 20 MP / 16 MP / 12 MP
Auflösung4096 * 2160
Maximale Bildrate4K / 30fps, 2K / 30fps, 1080p / 30fps, 720p / 30fps
Tag und Nacht wechselnstehen zu
Wifi / Bluetoothnicht unterstützt
AudioEingebautes Mikrophon
Video-AusgangUnterstützt AV-Ausgabe
Infrarot-Nachtsichtentfernung25 Meter
Auslösedistanz25 Meter
LCD Bildschirm2,0 "TFT
Datei FormatMP4 / H.265
Infrarotlicht44PCS / 940 nm
SpracheDE / FR / DE / IT / ES / POR / HRV / DAN / SVE / SUO / POL / PYC
PIR-Winkel120 °
SpeicherschnittstelleMicroSDcard, maximale Unterstützung 256 GB
SchnittstelleMini USB2.0
Energieversorgung8 AA-Batterien, unterstützen externe Stromversorgung (6V 1,5AA)
Standby-ZeitBis zu 6 Monaten
Produktgröße150 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm
Packungsgrösse194 * 120 * 86 mm
Produktgewicht380 g
Paketgewicht450 g
PackungsinhaltJagdkamera + USB-Kabel * 1
Bewertungen (456)
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Room for improvement, but I will buy again
This camera is receiving terrible reviews on some outlets. Most critiques are related to the difficulty of setting up the camera. I encountered a few issues myself, including the Android App not allowing my username/password to be used for linking the App with my online account (containing my sim card number). This is important because it allows you to control the camera remotely etc. You will probably encounter a similar issue and become frustrated. Don't!The App works much better on iPads and iPhones. If your Android App fails, try your iPad or iPhone. Everything else seems to work well. I will revise my post with images after more experimenting.*Update* I've taken my first pictures and have it set pretty well. The solar panel is charging normally and the camera is functioning almost flawlessly - including pictures flowing into my Android App. The pictures and video are excellent quality overall during the day, but the nocturnal images are slightly above average. The motion detector is good, but it is a little bit slow - don't forget to turn on or engage the PIR after you set it up. Right now, everything is working as expected and I will purchase another camera with the solar panel.P.S. I also had a question for tech support and received an immediate response. The owners care about their customers.*****update******* I encountered an issue with the camera not taking pictures or allowing remote control via the app. It would run normally for ~ 20 hours before it quit taking pictures and would not allow me remote control. I finally figured out that it was related to the default SMTP address. The camera works flawlessly now that I added my own SMTP address and am routing everything through servers.
Room for improvement, but I will buy again Room for improvement, but I will buy again Room for improvement, but I will buy again Room for improvement, but I will buy again
Was hard to set up the simcard.
The camera takes a great pic during daylight. It has a nice wide angle lense. came with everything i needed to mount it it.But night vision is really narrow, would be nice to see IR lights that would point at angles to the sides to add some more light there, or maybe a seperate set of IRs in a simi circle to help cover the wide angle. i dont know if i set something wrong or not but it seems to have about a 3 sec delay from motion to taking the pic. I know this as i set it on a table, walked into the room from 1 door went about 4 feet and went out the other door. it toke a pic of the empty room. so i found that it has about a 3-5 sec delay. only toke me minutes to get the pic, came real fast. i know that our property that is just land has 3 does on it and a fox family, but im avging 8-10 pics a night, about half you cant see anything. so im guessing like most motion sensors the wind sets it off.I posted pics i thought would help, i have sensor lights to left and back side of property. there are also reflectors on site making where a building is going to go so dont think its an animal. i have deleted most blank pics but found a few. i think the camera is a bit pricey but overall not bad. Oh and last point, in the box comes a coupon to recieve a free solar panel for it, the website didnt work for me, also the website to activate the sim card did not work. it let me register but never sent me an email to verify me so i could log in. I bought the solar panel from amazon but was disapointed i couldnt get the free one.
Was hard to set up the simcard. Was hard to set up the simcard. Was hard to set up the simcard.
Easy setup and fast viewing time on my phone.
The 0.33 sec picture taking and being able to see my images on my smart phone just ONE MINUTE later was a most welcome surprise! I live 38 miles away from my hunting spot, and the GlassRaven 4 G keeps me in the game 24/7!
Easy setup and fast viewing time on my phone. Easy setup and fast viewing time on my phone. Easy setup and fast viewing time on my phone.
Going to be used mainly as a security camera for Trespassers.
I installed the camera as a security camera on my property. It is raining out as you can tell by the run off creek. Two deer crossing. The camera is 15ft in a tree and about 30 yards from the path. I plan on retrieving the SD card this weekend and will post the saved pic versus the picture messaged me from the camera. Stay tuned.8/1/2020I added a new picture that was on the card. You can do a side by side comparison from the picture sent via text and the same picture from the SD card.I attached two pictures of the vehicles we were in. I think it works perfectly.
Going to be used mainly as a security camera for Trespassers. Going to be used mainly as a security camera for Trespassers. Going to be used mainly as a security camera for Trespassers.
Great PICS, easy to set up
Easy to set up out of box, up and running in under 10 minutes, cell plans are cheap, great pics!
Great PICS, easy to set up Great PICS, easy to set up
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