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XB41 82mm variabler ND&CPL-Filter 2-in-1-Funktion Nanobeschichtung Kein X-Kreuz

4.4 5 Bewertungen KF01.1088
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79,99€ 99,99€ 20% OFF inkl. MwSt
&kostenloser versand Deutschland
  • Hersteller K&F Concept
  • K&F XB41 82mm Variabler ND&CPL 2 in 1 Filter,Ein Filter verfügt über die ND- und CPL-Filterfunktionen.Hergestellt aus professionellen optischen Brillengläsern, ermöglicht die mehrschichtige Beschichtung nur eine Lichtdurchlässigkeit von 0,4%.
  • KF01.1088
  • Artikelnr. KF01.1088
  • 79.99
  • • 【ND und CPL Filter 2 in 1】Ein Filter verfügt sowohl über CPL- als auch über variable ND-Filterfunktionen. Sparen Sie Zeit, um zwei Filter auszutauschen. Es kann nicht nur die Lichtmenge reduzieren, die in das Objektiv eintritt, sondern auch den Himmel abdunkeln und gleichzeitig die Reflexionen steuern.
  • • 【Kein "X" Kreuz bei Bildern】Verabschieden Sie sich vom "X" -Kreuz bei Bildern. K & F nutzt die neueste Technologie, mit der Sie sich von diesem häufigen Problem mit Weitwinkelobjektiven und variablen ND-Filtern verabschieden.
  • • 【Material】Hergestellt aus professionellen optischen Gläsern mit Mehrschichtbeschichtung, nur 0,7% Lichtdurchlässigkeit und wasserdicht, kratzfest, wodurch Ihre geschätzte Linse geschützt werden könnte.
  • • 【Filterrahmen】Filterrahmen aus Aluminiumlegierung, die gezackte Form der Rahmenkante erleichtert die Installation. Es gibt 5 Markierungen von Min bis ND32 auf dem Rahmen. Es ist für Sie praktisch, sicherzustellen, dass der ND-Filter stoppt.
  • • 【Hinweis】Bitte überprüfen Sie vor der Bestellung die Objektivgewindegröße Ihrer Kamera (normalerweise auf dem Objektivtubus angegeben oder unter dem Objektivdeckel aufgedruckt). Der Zahl steht immer ein "ø" -Symbol (Durchmesser) voran.
5 Stopps variabler ND- und CPL-Filter
Variabler ND- und
Ohne ND-Filter
Mit ND-Filter

Ermöglicht die Verwendung langer Verschlusszeiten zum Aufzeichnen von Bewegungen bei Motiven wie Wasserfällen und verleiht
fließendem Wasser eine seidenweiche Wirkung.

Kein Filter
Doppelseitige mehrschichtige grüne Folie
Wasserdicht, ölbeständig, kratzfest
ND-Nummer Optische Dichte Blendenreduzierung Gebrochene Transmission
  0 0 100%
ND2 0,3 1 50%
ND4 0,6 2 25%
ND8 0,9 3 12,50%
ND16 1,2 4 6,25%
ND32 1,50 5 3,13%
ND64 1,8 6 1,56%
ND100 2 6 23 1%
ND128 2.1 7 0,78 %
ND256 2.4 8 0,39 %
ND400 2.6 8 23 0,25%
ND512 2.7 9 0,20%
ND1024/ND1000 3 10 0,10%
ND2000 3.3 11 0,05%
ND4000 3.6 12 0,025%
ND8000 3.9 13 0,0125%
ND32000 4.5 fünfzehn 0,003%
Bewertungen (5)
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K&F ND&CPL filter
for that money it works well, does not color shift, but have to test it more further
Great solution on a low-budget for long-exposures
This was one of the best purchasing I have recently done and that I recommend without any hesitation, especially to travel photographers who advocate of carrying as little camera equipment as possible. Whilst carrying less is sometimes better, there are some things that I simply can’t live without. Filters are one of the sets of accessories that I always take with me as they are essential for my landscape photography.My first impression of the filters was of the beautiful and secure packaging they arrive in. They come in a hard cardboard box with the filter itself placed in a hard plastic case inside the cardboard box. The frames of all of the filters, except the circular polarizer filter, are made from an aluminum alloy (the polarizer filter has extra-tough magnalium). Even though they are very slim in design, they certainly feel rigid with no real bending even when forced.The glass itself on all the filters is coated optical glass (to help reduce reflections) that is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Overall, all of the filters performed very well. As someone who has always used square filters, I was skeptical about the quality and how they would affect the image.With the CPL, you can see a boost in the blue in the skies. There is a very slight vignette on the top left corner, but this is so minor that it can easily be removed in post-production as you can already see in my images.The ND filter performed very well with no color casting or vignetting. I also didn’t come across the X cross-issue that might sometimes occur with variable ND filters from most manufacturers undesirable X effect does not occur.As a conclusion, the image quality is superb and the added benefit of just using one filter and adjusting the gradient without having to stack filters is really useful. Overall, these filters look, feel, and perform premium, but affordable as well. I chose the 82mm filter variant to be mounted on my Tamron SP 24-70mm / f2,8 Di VC USD G2.
Great filters, Great Price for the Quality which is up amongst the best.
At first I wasn’t too sure about the price, but that quickly changed when I started using them. I had tried the K&F in the next higher price bracket but found that I couldn’t justify them for my purely amateur photography.If you want great quality at a decent price these are well worth looking at. If you’re of a more professional/business mind then you won’t need reviews done on Amazon by amateurs like myself.All in all, I can highly recommend these filters - I’m fortunate that I only need three thread sizes for my Canon L-Series lenses, or it could become very expensive!
worth the money
Ok product for the money, not the best and not the worst worth the money
No protective case
Purchased a 67 and 82mm filter. The 67mm comes with a lovely protective case to stop the filter from being damaged, the 82mm does NOT.Disappointed by this as I can't currently place it in my bag and go shoot without risking damaging it. Like many people who would or purchase this filter, I enjoy landscape photography, and often walk/ climb with my gear. No case included rather excludes this as being an immediate inclusion in my bag

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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Größe 82mm
Lichtübertragung Rate
Filtermaterial Optical glass
Filterdicke 9.3mm
Form Circle
Ringmaterial Aviation aluminum alloy
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Model KF01.1088 KF01.1144 SKU0127 SKU0125 KF01.1063
82mm 100*100mm 67mm 58mm 77mm
Lichtübertragung Rate
Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass
9.3mm 2.0mm 7.0mm 7.0mm 7.3mm
Circle Square Circle Circle Circle
Aviation aluminum alloy Optical glass Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy