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55" Tragbar Kamerastative Aluminium mit 360° Panorama Kugelkopf - Orange

4.8 180 Bewertungen KF09.087
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62,99€ 129,99€ 51% OFF inkl. MwSt
Nach Deutschland Expressversand 3-5 Werktage
  • Hersteller K&F Concept
  • K&F DSLR Stative 200cm Aluminium Travel Vlog Stativ Einbeinstativ mit 360° Panorama Kugelkopf. 1.44 kg Stativgewicht und 10 kg maximales Ladegewicht. Zum Transport lassen sich die Stativbeine um 180 Grad klappen, was das Packmaß auf nur 46 cm reduzier
  • KF09.087
  • Artikelnr. KF09.087
  • 62.99
  • • 28mm großer 360 ° -Kugelkopf und Panoramablick - Mit zwei unabhängigen Bedienknöpfen kann der speziell entwickelte Kugelkopf um 360 Grad gedreht werden, sodass Sie Fotos in jedem Winkel horizontal und vertikal aufnehmen können
  • • Stabil und Verstellbarkeit - Die Arbeitshöhe des Statives kann in wenigen Sekunden von 55cm auf 200cm eingestellt werden. Das Einbeinstativ kann von 85cm bis 205cm eingestellt werden, auch als Wanderstock. Verschiedene Stativ-Höhen können Ihren unterschiedlichen Aufnahme-Bedürfnissen gerecht werden. K&F S210 Kamera Stativ ist ein guter Helfer für Ihre Außenaufnahmen
  • • Leicht und tragbar - 1,44 kg Stativgewicht und 10 kg maximales Ladegewicht. Zum Transport lassen sich die Stativbeine um 180 Grad klappen, was das Packmaß auf nur 46 cm reduziert! Dank der Klappverschlüsse können Sie nur mit einer Hand innerhalb ein paar Sekunden Schneller Auf- und Abbau, damit Sie nie einen besonderen Fotomoment verpassen. und Loslassen schnell den Winkel der drei Stativbeinen verstellen
  • • 2-IN-1-Overhead-Videostativ-Einbeinstativ - Das Stativ kann problemlos in ein Einbeinstativ oder einen Gehstock verwandelt werden, um Ihre Fotografie vielfältiger zu gestalten. Auch bei diesem Einbeinstativ sind Mehrfachwinkel für Aufnahmen wie Low-Angle-Shots und High-Angle-Shots zulässig
  • • Mehrwinkelaufnahmen - Die Mittelsäule kann sich bei Aufnahmen mit niedrigen Winkeln in eine umgekehrte Situation drehen. Das Dämpfungssystem des Kugelkopfs würde Ihre Kamera leicht in verschiedene Winkel einstellen (vertikale Aufnahmen oder Aufwärtsaufnahmen) oder die beste Aufnahmeansicht erzielen
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Professionelles 80,7-Zoll-Kamerastativ
28 mm großer 360 °
-Kugelkopf und Panoramablick / Leichtes und tragbares 2-IN-1-Overhead-Videostativ Einbeinstativ / Mehrwinkelaufnahme
360 ° Panoramaaufnahme
Machen Sie es Fotografie-Enthusiasten leichter, Panoramaaufnahmen zu realisieren
80,7 Zoll abnehmbares Einbeinstativ
Kann als Kamera-Einbeinstativ verwendet oder in Wanderalpenstock umgewandelt werden
Alle Aluminium Magnesium Legierung mit geschmiedeter Technologie
10 kg Tragfähigkeit
28 mm (1,1 ") Große Kugeln sind stabiler.
Mittlere Spaltenverriegelung
Die Mittelachse kann invertiert werden, um Ihnen die Option für niedrige Aufnahmewinkel zu geben.
Einfach zu schießen
Die maximale Höhe beträgt 199 cm (78,3 Zoll) und die minimale Höhe 59 cm (23,2 Zoll).
Leicht zu tragen
Tube made of high quality magnesium aluminum alloy, can be 180°reflexed, better portability.
Light weight hollow out design
Flip-locks System
Retractable foot nail
Bewertungen (180)
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Tall tall tall!! For real estate
This is a very nice mid-range tripod with a lot of functionality. While it does fold down, it is not a small thing, and it's great that it comes with a case but this isn't too small either so be prepared for an extra thing to lug around. This isn't going to fit in well with a compact set of camera gear.It is incredibly adjustable, extending to a height well over the height of my head so it's ideal for really tall people (alas, I am not really tall). Despite its size, it is also very lightweight, being made of aluminium. It does feel a little rattly when you are setting it up but once you have it ready with the camera on (and possibly hanging a bag/weight from it) it feels very sturdy indeed.There is no pan handle but there is a bolt you can loosen to allow panoramic panning, which is a very smooth movement. The head is also fully rotatable, moving through 360 degrees.You can also remove one leg and part of the central tube to create a monopod instead, the rubber foot of which is removable so you can use the spike instead to prevent the leg sliding along the ground.The tripod is rated to take up to 8kg in weight. One of my lenses is a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM which actually weighs close to 15kg. Add the body at another 700g and surprisingly the tripod doesn't struggle at all. They've obviously greatly undersold how well the tripod handles with greater weights loaded on it. However, this was tested with no additional weight hanging from it, and I was inside on a level hard floor at the time.All in all this is an amazing tripod for the price. Perhaps more expensive than a beginner would like to pay but it is getting on for professional quality at only a fraction of the price. It is a very good investment if you have any desire to up your photography game.
Tall tall tall!! For real estate Tall tall tall!! For real estate
It can easily hold a heavy zoom lens!
The best tripod I've ever used - simply in a different class. Pretty lightweight, both the legs and head of this tripod offer huge flexibility in angle and height, locking securely in place once set. It has a built in level and the camera can also be attached underneath. It pans nicely, so would work nicely as a video tripod as well as its primary purpose for photography. Comes in a nice bag and folds down surprisingly small. Excellent product.
It can easily hold a heavy zoom lens! It can easily hold a heavy zoom lens!
It’s got all the features I need
This tripod is much better than the past ones I have usedIt can be converted into a mono pod which is great for travelling versatility, sometimes you do not need a full blown tripod but you just need a bit of stability or height.The height of this tripod is amazing, it is taller than me!it comes with a nice carrying case which is good when travelling as it will not be as damaged as others without a carrying caseThe bottom of the feet are versatile too, they have rubber covers but underneath then are blunt enough metal spikes for less solid ground
It’s got all the features I need It’s got all the features I need
Advanced and innovative design
Superb Tripod, innovative design, works perfectly, solid and sturdy excellent, not heavy just 8 kg.I needed a tripod to keep using my camera in my part time job.It has an immediate and positive impact on the quality of my photos, little or no vibration or camera shift between shots.Completely new, well packaged tripod as seen in the picures. Excellent product well worth the money.It is different to other tripod designs and it takes some time to getting used to the way it works.Has a detachable foot nail points at the bottom, with rubber ideal for all weather conditions.Great purchase, would definitely recommend it to my colleagues .
Advanced and innovative design
I'm not a professional, just capturing family moments.
I should start that I'm just a photography enthusiast. I like to capture family moments and take some portraits here and there.It's hard to make your kids to stay still let alone put yourself in the picture! I will finally try to capture some all family portraits (after buying budget backdrop).My 9 year old son immediately stated he will use it for his YouTube channel recording
I'm not a professional, just capturing family moments.

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Informationen zur Installation der Mittelsäule finden Sie in diesem Video https://youtu.be/3BvJKWNElRg. 
Informationen zur Installation des Fußverriegelungssystems finden Sie in diesem Videohttps://youtu.be/jZb6Fn6T_u0.