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Kamerarucksack Fotorucksack Spiegelreflex DSLR 10.23"*6.29"*14.57"

61,99€ 49,99€ &Kostenloser Versand für berechtigte Länder
Artikelnr. KF13.026
  • Hersteller K&F Concept
  • Kaufen K&F Concept kamerarucksack fotorucksack spiegelreflex dslr 10.23"*6.29"*14.57" online, kostenloser versand mit 30 tagen rückgaberecht.
  • Verfügbarkeit Lagernd
  • 49.99
  • • Der Reisebegleiter für Tagestouren und Fotoreisen, auch als Handgepäck im Flieger: Platz für zwei Spiegereflexkameras mit Objektiv und bis zu 6 Zusatzobjektive
  • • Maximaler Platz für umfassende Fotoausrüstung und persönliche Dinge durch variable Inneneinteilung, sicherer Halt der Kamera durch zusätzliche Objektivstütze
  • • Stativhalterung und innovatives Tragesystem mit sehr guter Polsterung, Zugriff an die Kamera von der Seite oder von Vorne
  • • Regenschutzhülle für optimalen Schutz vor Wasser und Schmutz, zahlreiche Zusatzfächer für Zubehör
  • • Lieferumfang:SLR-Kamerarucksack schwarz und eine Staubschutz
Dieser Rucksack mit großem Hauptfach bietet Platz für eine DSLR mit angesetztem Objektiv. Das modulare Trennsystem trennt, organisiert und schützt Objektive, Blitzlicht und andere Zubehörteile.
Kapazität verbessern
Halten Sie 1 Kamera + 5 Linsen + 10-11 '' iPad + Stativ + andere wichtige Fotos.
Praktische Kapazität
Ausreichende persönliche Gegenstände Fach und Laptop-Fach (bis zu 11")
Rucksack Stoff
3D gepolsterter Rücken für verbesserte Atmungsaktivität und Komfort bei heißem Wetter. Rucksackstoff Atmungsaktiv, wasserdicht, abriebfest, reißfest.
Größe des Rucksacks
Abnehmbarer Taillenstützgurt
Starker magischer Gips
Die Dicke beträgt 17.0 mm und die innere Oberfläche der inneren Schicht weist 3 Schaumschichten auf.
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Kamerarucksack Fotorucksack Spiegelreflex DSLR 10.23"*6.29"*14.57"
A good bag as long as you're the right shape
I have been searching for a durable, practical, affordable camera backpack for yonks and I thought I had found it in this K&F Concept offering. It is a nice bag. It is well made from sturdy materials. It is well padded, the straps are comfortable and it's not so big that it will overbalance you. For me at least it is an excellent size. I can fit my Canon 750D with a 105mm macro attached, an UWA 10-20 zoom, a 28-200 zoom, my 18-55 kit lens and a 50mm prime. That leaves room for plenty of wee bits & bobs. Once I had my kit inside I put the bag on to check out the weight distribution. I went to do up the waist strap and had to let out the adjusters all the way until the strap was at its longest. It would then do up comfortably but I 'only' have a 38" waist. I then did the chest strap up. Once adjusted, it rested just under my larynx. It was a most uncomfortable experience. I have reluctantly sent the bag back and my search for a suitable product continues.
Kamerarucksack Fotorucksack Spiegelreflex DSLR 10.23"*6.29"*14.57"
Great day bag
Fantastic bag.I bought this bag as an alternative to a shoulder bag when I go for days out as a rucksack is more comfortable.It has enough room to hold my Fuji XT2 and Fuji XT10 bodies with 2-3 lenses in the back compartment.The second compartment where the iPad holder is fits my ipad2 which is useful. This section for me is the one downfall of this bag as it doesn’t hold much and could do with opening up more or accommodating a little more.Overall the bag is well made and good quality. It’s a good day bag for general days out but if you want to use it as a dual purpose hiking and camera bag for example it’s not big enough as you can either fit camera gear in it or your hiking bits - not both. I can’t fit a tightly folded thin waterproof jacket in the second compartment for example without feeling like I’ll bust the zip.If you just want a bag to carry a DSLR and a few lenses and accessories with some small bits and pieces with you then it’s ideal. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear all day as well (wore it all day, all week in the Lake District and it was great). I’d say for the money it’s good value and excellent quality and so I’d recommend it. The camera cleaning kit that case with it was a nice touch and really useful too!
Kamerarucksack Fotorucksack Spiegelreflex DSLR 10.23"*6.29"*14.57"
Good Camera Bag. Best for Single Days Out. Has its Weaknesses but Great Customer Service
The bag has been great for holding all my camera gear, and a good buy for the space that comes with the bag and the low price considering what you get with it. A useful number of compartments and places to slide sketchbooks, notepads and general things into it.However the bag has a large flaw. When full, it can be easily broken at the point where the straps meet the bag. This has meant that a large slit has formed, and grown, which would allow for water to seap through and damage my equipment but with the waterproof it's not so bad. This, though, still does come in at a slightly second place to the LowerPro bag though still beats it in price-to-size ratio.Upon that note, the customer service has been wonderful. Quick to repsond and have said they will be sending a replacement ASAP.
Kamerarucksack Fotorucksack Spiegelreflex DSLR 10.23"*6.29"*14.57"
Compact, well made and looks great.
I've been looking for ages for a reasonably sized camera friendly backpack to carry my photography gear (D850, couple of lenses, spare battery and flash) plus tablet and rain wear. I'd discounted the main brands you find everywhere such as Lowepro and Manfrotto, mainly because they were too big and complex for a light hike or city walk. This product ticks all the boxes and now goes everywhere with me. Especially pleased with the quality and styling.
Kamerarucksack Fotorucksack Spiegelreflex DSLR 10.23"*6.29"*14.57"
Looks great but arrived without all the camera accessories that were advertised.
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